|events designs, plans, organises and realises tailor-made events at the highest level. Events for 10 - 90,000 guests at national and international venues across the world. Our clients include groups, mid-sized companies and small businesses. We also act as specialist service providers for guest management and vehicle handling.
Our promise: We are a listening organisation - a rare gift. This is because we want to gain a detailed understanding of your objectives and needs, your brand and your services/products, your target groups and the expectations of your guests. This empowers us to join forces with you to transform your event from a cost factor into a rewarding investment.|events is your organiser for all types of Premium Events.

Young agency with seasoned professionals.

Since our agency was established in 2010, we have designed, planned and implemented more than 500 events. Our team numbers 30 people and each has clocked up a profile with an average of thirteen years of event marketing. And since we are talking mileage here: we focus on the supreme discipline of automobile events. Your gain from this: "If they can make it there, they'll make it everywhere."

What exactly do we do? Actually, everything. But only because it’s you.

Event Management

The entire spectrum.
As a full-service agency, we have mastered the full repertoire of event services. Our experienced team has developed transparent and efficient processes for ensuring that all project phases are harmoniously integrated. We prefer a carefully modulated approach and like to listen to our customers – right through to the grand finale of the event.

Guest Management

From the flight number through to nut allergies.
Each event is different – we have a web-based Guest Management Tool developed in-house. This tool is flexible and we can tailor the parameters to precisely match the specific requirements of your event and most importantly the needs of your guests. You might like to remember that we deploy our management tool whether we are providing full-service support for your event or you simply get us on board as a guest management specialist.

Car Management

Take the third exit on the roundabout.
Automobile events generally include active driving elements in the programme – the participants test vehicles on race tracks or on the road network. We have built up significant expertise in this area that we are also in a position to offer as a special service with the following elements:
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  • Analysis
  • Strategic advice
  • Creativity/event concept
  • Production/technology
  • Location scouting
  • Resources and time planning
  • Budget planning
  • Budget controlling
  • Detailed preplanning and implementation
  • Project management
  • Catering, entertainment & technology
  • Handling service providers
  • Project support on the ground
  • Invitation management
  • Quota management with online booking
  • Accreditation of personalised services (RFID, barcode)
  • Statistics/reports
  • Administration and dispatch of information
  • Budgeting and accounting
  • Location scouting
  • Resources and time planning
  • Budget planning/budget controlling
  • Detailed preliminary planning and implementation
  • Route & Road Book
  • Choice of personnel
  • Project support on the ground
  • Vehicle logistics and preparation


Outside the box
Events are an important component in the communication mix. They are a specialist discipline and yet they encompass a series of additional areas of brand communication – print, online, direct marketing, PR, design, media presentations right through to corporate architecture. As event specialists, we also have a long track record of experience as a "communications generalist". We will be delighted to advise you across the board, also independently of operational event business.



Selected projects

BMW International Customer Convention

Kunde: BMW Group

Leistungsumfang: Leadagentur – Konzeption, Event Management, Guest Management, Car Management

Teilnehmerzahl: ca. 500 Gäste

In drei fahraktiven und zwei statischen Workshops erlebten die Gäste anhand einer großen Produktpalette und der exklusiven Vorstellung neuer Produkte die BMW Group als Innovationsführer.

Das Event abgerundet hat eine lockere Abendveranstaltung im BMW Museum.

MINI erleben

Kunde: MINI Deutschland

Leistungsumfang: Leadagentur – Konzeption, Event Management, Guest Management, Car Management

Teilnehmerzahl gesamt (an drei Standorten): 600 Gäste

Rund 600 MINI-Verkäufer fanden im Februar / März 2016 den Weg zur Veranstaltung MINI erleben nach Stuttgart, Magdeburg und Euskirchen. An gesamthaft 6 Veranstaltungstagen wurden die Gäste auf die neue MINI CI, sowie zukünftige Produkte und aktuelle Vertriebsthemen geschult.

Rohde&Schwarz Mobile World Congress

Kunde: Rohde&Schwarz

Leistungsumfang: Leadagentur – Konzeption, Event Management, Guest Management

Teilnehmerzahl gesamt 250

Im Rahmen der europaweit größten Messe rund um das Thema Mobilfunk – dem Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – wurden rund 250 Gäste der Firma Rohde&Schwarz zum Networking und gemeinsamen Feiern eingeladen.

Bei Tapas, Cava und Musik konnte der Abend in lockerer und entspannter Atmosphäre beginnen bevor dann bis spät in die Nacht das Tanzbein geschwungen wurde.

The new BMW 7 Series – Product Launch Training

Kunde: BMW Group

Leistungsumfang: Leadagentur – Konzeption, Event Management, Guest Management, Car Management, Technical Management

Teilnehmerzahl: 4.600 Gäste

Im Zeitraum 14. September bis 17. Oktober 2015 wurden in 22 Gruppen insgesamt 4.600 internationale Verkäufer aus 27 Ländern in 23 Sprachen auf den neuen BMW 7er geschult. Neben Workshops zu den neuen Fahrzeug-Features wurde auch die neue Positionierung im GKL+ Segment vom „Premium“- hin zum „Luxus“-Segment vollzogen.

Das Event abgerundet hat ein lockerer Abend im „Contemporary Luxury“ Style in der Ziegelei101 in Ismaning.

Vodafone Kabel Deutschland Kick Off

Kunde: Vodafone Kabel Deutschland

Leistungsumfang: Leadagentur – Konzeption, Event Management

Teilnehmerzahl: 300 Gäste

Die 300 Vertriebsmitarbeiter durften während dieser 1-tägigen Veranstaltung Einblicke in das kommende Geschäftsjahr erwerben, wurden motiviert und geschult.
Das Jahres-Highlight der Gäste wird gekrönt in spektakulär inszenierte Ehrungen welche die Besten mit einer Einladung zu einer Incentive Reise wertschätzte.

Kabel Deutschland Professional Gala

Kunde: Kabel Deutschland Vertriebs und Service GmbH

Leistungsumfang: Leadagentur – Konzeption, Event Management

Teilnehmerzahl: 80 Gäste

Einladung der besten Verkäufer zu einem unvergesslichen Abend.

Im fünf Sterne Hotel in Berlin wurden die Gäste willkommen geheißen und untergebracht. Beim anschließendem Gala Dinner im Bärensaal in Berlin wurde die Besten Verkäufer geehrt. Das Highlight des Abends war das Privatkonzert von „Clueso“.

Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este

Customer: BMW Group Classic, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, BMW Italia

Number of participants: around 6,000 including Public Day

Service scope: lead agency for creativity and event concept, Event Management, Guest Management

The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este ranks among the world’s most prestigious automobile beauty competitions. Alongside beautiful automobiles from the past, pioneering concept cars and motorcycles from yesteryear and the future are also presented here. pe.erevents discreetly steers 350 personnel and 70 shuttle drivers over a period of three days at two different locations on the shores of Lake Como with the objective of providing guests, sponsors and cooperation partners with an unforgettable weekend.

Neopost Kick Off

Customer: neopost

Number of participants: 350 guests

Service scope: Full service in agency network – overall planning, creative concept including layout, text, online, management advice for speeches and presentations, pre-event management, location, catering, design, guest speakers, entertainment, moderation, guest management, film and photo recordings.

BMW Family Day

Customer: BMW Group

Number of participants: 80,000 visitors

Service scope: lead agency – Event Management, Guest Management, Car Management, Technical management

On 1 July 2012, the BMW Group invited all the employees working at the Munich plant with their partners and children to the BMW Family Day. 2,500 BMW colleagues took part in the programme in line with the concept of “Our strength comes from our people” – 60 staff bands played music throughout the event. The event was held at 5 locations including the plant, the BMW Tower and the Research & Innovation Centre, covering a total area of nearly 150,000 square metres. And 3 hours after the event came to an end, the assembly lines at the plant were up and running again.

Birthday celebration

Customer: private individual

Number of participants: 160 guests

Service scope: complete organisation of event including invitation management

The special challenge at this event lay in the largely autonomous planning and implementation. The client was hardly ever available for discussions or consultation and relied on our expertise – they weren’t disappointed.

The new BMW 3 Series – Product Launch Training, Portugal

Customer: BMW Group

Service scope: lead agency – creativity and event concepts, oEvent Management, Guest Management, Car Management

Number of participants: 6,500 guests

In the period from 6 January to 2 February 2012, a total of 6,500 international sales personnel from 25 countries underwent training for the new BMW 3 Series in 27 groups and in 20 different languages. 150 vehicles were driven approximately 300,000 km around the sunny Algarve coast for a total of more than 330,000 minutes over 26 days.

The new BMW 4 Series Coupé Design Night

Customer: BMW Group

Number of participants: 150

Service scope: lead agency – creativity and event concepts, Event Management, Technical Management

Approximately 150 invited guests experienced a stunning world premiere of the new BMW 4 Series as a concept car in Munich’s Kesselhaus venue on 5 December 2012.
When you entered the location, you immediately experienced a stunning ceiling installation entitled the “Inspiration cloud”. This space-creating installation was made up of lots of different design artefacts that can exert an immediate influence on designers.
A continuous presentation enabled each guest to experience the development of the design process vividly on the white “concertina” screen at the back. Designers explained the development story to small groups of people at the individual stations.
The high point of the evening was the presentation of the vehicle. The number 4 for the series emerged from a compact box to launch the new vehicle and introduce a new nomenclature within the BMW story.
Designer Karim Habib gave a personal tour where he used the new BMW 4 Series to explain the unique details of the new vehicle generation.

BMW Design Tour 2010

Customer: BCN – Burda Community Network

Number of participants: 5 couples (10 people)

Service scope: creativity and event concepts, Event Management, Guest Management, Car Management

Four-day incentive event in Madrid and the surrounding area. This included a visit to the designer studio of David Delfin, a master chef’s class with Holger Stromberg (who travelled specially to Madrid for the occasion), exclusive wine workshop and special architecture tour through Madrid.

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Awesome skill set: The experts.


Specialist for specialists
Whenever necessary, we use the services of an extensive network of specialists –including architects, designers, exhibition stand designers, lighting artists, location scouts and stunt drivers. We even have some specialists in house. One example is our sister agency Benner & Partner whose main sphere of activity is dialogue marketing. For example, we take advantage of the agency's expertise when we mail invitations.


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